Dust Containment System

Dust Containment System & Sanding of Wood Floors

Many homeowners who are considering having their existing or new wood floors sanded and refinished may wonder how much dust the sanding process creates. Some could fear the creation of a dust storm in their homes from the sanding process, and might imagine the now old-fashioned method of using collection bags to “contain” the dust created from the sanding equipment.

Fortunately, an effective dust containment system is now available for the sanding process of wood floors. It allows for sanding to take place without the irritation of large amounts of dust, keeping your home much cleaner than alternative methods.

At Caliber Hardwood Floors, our top-of-the-line Dust Containment System greatly reduces the dust and mess traditionally associated with the process of sanding wood floors. Our sanding equipment connects to a trailer-mounted 27 horsepower vacuum that efficiently exports the dust from your home (via large hoses). This is vastly superior to the outdated method of attaching collection bags to the sanding equipment. Our system dramatically reduces air-borne dust, but we do not call it “dust free” since it is impossible to remove all dust. Rather, the use of our dust containment trailer means minimal dust and a much cleaner home. (For example, our sand and finish technicians have no need to wear masks during the sanding process due to the efficiency and effectiveness of our dust containment system.)

Watch the video below to see how the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System works during the sanding process of a wood floor.

(Note: Often, only solid wood floors can be sanded and finished, not engineered, laminate, or like materials. There are rare exceptions, such as site-finished, engineered wood flooring.)

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